Mixamo and Unity Introduce the Mecanim Animation Store

By TyClark

January 17, 2013 at 9:17 AM

Joining forces with our longtime partner Unity, we are happy to release another piece of technology to equip developers with the fastest and most efficient technology to bring their characters to life within their games: As of today, character animation is about to get a whole lot simpler within Unity.

We are proud to introduce Mixamo's Mecanim compatible plugins to the Unity asset store, which allow users to quickly and seamlessly create character animations and bring them directly into Mecanim.

"Combining Mecanim's uniquely flexible animation system with Mixamo's massive motion collection opens up some very creative pathways for developers," said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. "Whether breathing life into one character or animating vast armies, the Mixamo Unlimited+ Mecanim Animation Store gives Unity developers the ability to bring their characters to life quickly, efficiently and in an affordable way."

With the new plugin, Unity users can access to Mixamo's huge motion collection directly through the Unity interface. Developers will have the option to either download an "à la carte" free version, or purchase the unlimited version and enjoy all-you-can-eat access to Mixamo's motion collection for one year.

Both versions will give developers access to thousands of game ready animations which can be previewed and applied instantly to any game character. After downloading the desired motions they are ready to be blended, combined and re-targeted in an infinite amount of ways using Mecanim.

"Mixamo is all about democratizing 3D character creation and animation and our Mecanim Unlimited+ Animation Store does just that," added Stefano Corazza, CEO and co-founder of Mixamo. "We have been working for years to create animations for AAA studios and we are now making all these animations available to Unity game developers at a small fraction of the cost."

Animations gathered from these plugins include lifetime royalty-free licenses and are supplied in .anim format compatible with the latest versions of Unity including 4.0.1 and earlier. Motions from Mixamo can be applied to any type of rig within Unity including Humanoid, Generic and Legacy.

[Choose the plugin you need and start animating your characters today]

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