Unity Launches the Unlimited Mixamo Animation Store

By Stefano Corazza

October 15, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Unity and Mixamo have been long time partners, and I'm happy to say that today our collaboration goes one step further: Starting October 16th 2012, Unity Users will be able to sign up for unlimited access to all Mixamo animations through the Unity Asset Store.

The new Unlimited Mixamo Animation Store plugin unlocks thousands of game ready animations that can be pulled directly from Mixamo into the Unity Editor.

"Offering unprecedented all-you-can-eat access to thousands of motions provides a lot of freedom to Unity users", said David Helgason, co-founder and CEO of Unity. "Access to the Unlimited Mixamo Animation Store will empower Developers and allow them to experiment and polish their work without any extra cost. This is a big step towards facilitating the process of game design, and together with Mecanim will free developers from the restraints of animation pipelines that are inaccessible to smaller dev teams while opening newer, quicker ways for larger teams to prototype."

Once selected, motions are automatically applied to characters in real time and can be edited in the Unity Animator Editor.

Animations are delivered in .anim format compatible with Unity 3.x and earlier and are not compatible or retargetable with Mecanim*. These same animations are also made available in FBX format on our website for users who might want advanced editing features.

The Unlimited Mixamo Animation Store plugin is now available and will be offered with a 25% discount until November 16, 2012.

*Animations are compatible in Unity 4 with the legacy "animation" component.

In addition to releasing the Unlimited Animation Plugin, Unity and Mixamo are currently working together towards an unlimited offering for Mecanim in Unity 4 in the future.


Edit: Only two days have passed since the launch and the Unlimited Animation Store is already successful! Big thanks to Unity for providing an awesome platform that helps democratizing access to high-end animation and a big thanks to you, Mixafolks! :)

There's been a lot of excitement and a lot of questions since Tuesday so we wanted to add a little more details:

About the unlimited access:

Once you download the Unlimited Animation Store, you can pick any Mixamo animation, apply it to one of your characters, edit it within the Unity Editor…. and it’s yours. Royalty Free. Forever. There is no time limit on it whatsoever.

About the number of motions:

On the Mixamo website, users currently have access to 1412 motions. New motions are added to our collection every week so the content that can be accessed via the Unlimited plugin is constantly expanding. If you take a second to run the numbers, it comes down to 35 cents per animation (26 cents if you get the Store with the 25% discount)!

To be honest… That’s completely unheard of!! :)

About Mecanim, Unity 4 and compatibility:

Mecanim and the Animation Store are two distinct things: The Animation Store provides thousands of animations that you can apply to your character. Mecanim, on the other hand, is a feature within Unity 4 that allows you to retarget and control animations. The Animation Store will in no way become obsolete with Unity 4 since this new version will still support 3.X .ANIM files.

Additionally, as mentioned in the article above, if you need specific motions in .FBX format instead of the regular 3.X .ANIM format, you’ll be able to purchase them separately on the Mixamo site and freely use them with Mechanim.

Hoping this is helpful. Please, let us know if you have any more questions and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Take care and keep on being creative!

- The Mixamo Team

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