Mocap Feature: Galiwango

By Nateon

November 28, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I met Solomon W. Jagwe 3 years ago after he had put in a motion request for some gorilla motions. After looking a little deeper into his project and who he was, I discovered that he was a very talented animator and director.

Solomon flew out and we did a couple of days of capture for his film, Galiwango, and we quickly became friends as well as business associates. It was great to meet and work with someone from Uganda, who was not only bringing motion capture to his own country in their native tongue, but was doing it for a very noble and deserving cause: to raise awareness about the poaching of mountain gorillas.

Galiwango creator Solomon Jagwe joined Mixamo mocap director Nateon Ajello and actor David Madwin

Last week we did a follow up capture to fill in some final shots as he completes his film. This time we were able to do a remote capture, and he could direct the shots from his home in Virginia. We also used better extended forearms, so we could get a more accurate Gorilla walk.

Capturing gorilla motions at the Mixamo mocap studio

Solomon left last week for Uganda and the Amakula Kampala International Film Festival, which only gives him a couple weeks to integrate the final shots into his film....which is a testament to the speed of the Mixamo and Soreel Mayas pipeline.

Good luck Solomon!!


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